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Abound Predictive Insights

Optimize building efficiency, asset reliability and overall performance

Abound Predictive Insights is part of the Abound suite of solutions for improved asset management across a building portfolio. Abound Predictive Insights combines advanced data analysis of your building’s assets with advisory services from our team of experts, helping to optimize efficiency, comfort, and performance.


How It Works

The Abound Predictive Insights™ solution connects your building automation system (BAS) to our award-winning CORTIX™ artificial intelligence (AI) platform for analysis. This cloud-based platform can analyze thousands of controller and HVAC data points on the connected network to help identify and predict performance issues. With help from our experts, you can take advantage of reports with insights and recommendations to help proactively maintain the health of your BAS network and HVAC equipment.

Abound Predictive Insights can help forecast failures and maintenance issues, pinpoint efficiency improvements, and provide recommended corrective actions long before breakdowns occur. It also categorizes the recommendations into four urgency levels, provides the type of impact (tenant comfort, energy, equipment failure), and indicates whether the fix can be performed remotely or requires an on-site visit. Using this information, our experts will advise you on our detailed findings via a quarterly report.


Offerings & Compatibility

BAS Network Health – Analyzes the health of your Carrier i-Vu® or Automated Logic WebCTRL® building automation network.

HVAC Equipment Analytics – Analyzes the health of HVAC equipment (chillers, air handlers, rooftop units, VAV boxes, unit heaters, air conditioners, heat pumps, fan coil units, and refrigerated cases) connected to any BACnet BAS network (requires gateway to push HVAC equipment data to CORTIX).

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Australian Shopping Centre Utilizes Abound™ Predictive Insights to Optimize Equipment Operation and Extend Asset Life

An Automated Logic field office in Brisbane, Australia wanted a modern, scalable analytics solution that would connect to an existing Automated Logic WebCTRL® building automation system (BAS) installed at a shopping centre.

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Features & Benefits

  • white-checkmark-green-boxProvides early warning of issues before failure
  • white-checkmark-green-boxIncreases reliability and improves performance of BAS and HVAC assets
  • white-checkmark-green-boxReduces wasted energy by detecting when systems are not operating as designed
  • white-checkmark-green-boxReduces operations and maintenance expenditures through proactive strategies
  • white-checkmark-green-boxPrevents unplanned downtime, improves energy efficiency, and reduces operational costs
  • white-checkmark-green-boxDecreases truck rolls while maximizing service calls and impact
  • white-checkmark-green-boxReduces trouble calls from occupants/tenants
  • white-checkmark-green-boxPrepares you for outages/updates ahead of time
  • white-checkmark-green-boxProvides confidence that your assets are being proactively maintained throughout their life cycle
  • white-checkmark-green-boxKeeps your BAS system up-to-date, secure, and free of critical errors
"We knew that there was … a really good opportunity … to just leverage … data into strategies that would help us save energy … that we weren't capturing in the way we were doing monitoring and controls."
- David Peterson, Energy Manager, Petco Animal Supplies Stores (
Did You Know?
Asset Life Increases with Predictive Maintenance

Reduce total costs of ownership by enabling smarter, more predictive service to optimize equipment health and performance.

2 Source: McKinsey