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The Abound
Healthy Air
Starter Package

A building management dashboard

To ensure that you understand the health of your indoor spaces, Carrier is offering the Abound Healthy Air Starter Package. It allows you to visualize the components of your building’s air including: pollen, aerosols, vapors, dust, smoke, etc.

Now you can act upon what you typically can’t see to help improve cognitive function and reduce allergies, fatigue, and sickness. This package is ideal for gaining actionable insights about the indoor air quality in your lobbies, small conference rooms, entrance areas, open offices, etc. It provides enough hardware to cover 3 open spaces or ~30,000 sq. ft. And while professional installation is required, it requires very little time and effort.

Make the invisible, visible with Abound.

Abound IoT
Cloud/ Software
An illustration of an office building

Abound is an open, scalable, digital platform that offers a suite of connected solutions for healthier, safer and more sustainable buildings. Abound aggregates, analyzes and visualizes data collected from various building systems, equipment and sensors and provides real-time insights about indoor air quality, thermal comfort and energy usage.

Includes: Comprehensive building dashboard, floorplans and alert center to share with colleagues

1 Year Subscription*

IAQ Sensors
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Sensors measure six (6) indoor air and environmental quality factors critical to occupant health and comfort (see below). Coverage up to 3,500 sq. ft.

1) Temperature
2) Relative Humidity
3) Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
4) Particulate Matter (PM2.5)
5) Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)
6) Radon

This wireless, battery operated sensor is easy to install and connect to the cloud.

9 Sensors

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The Hub connects up to 30 supported indoor air quality sensors to the Abound system. Low power, long-range connection allows devices to be distributed across large facilities. The integrated cellular modem and connected service allows for a quick, easy installation.

3 Hubs

Includes: 2 navigational floor plans + professional consulting, installation and onboarding.  
*Offer valid until 6/30/22.

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