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Abound Healthy Air

Abound Healthy Air aggregates, analyzes and visualizes data collected from various building systems, equipment and sensors and provides real-time insights about the components of your buildings’ air.


K-12 School Improves Indoor Air Quality with Carrier’s Abound IoT Platform

Metro Atlanta’s Cherokee County School District (CCSD) was looking to improve air quality and environmental conditions, while providing students, teachers, and staff with real-time visibility into the air quality data in K-12 classrooms.

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Did You Know?

  • On average, we spend 90% of our time indoors
  • Indoor pollutant concentrations can be 2 to 5x higher than typical outdoor concentrations
  • IAQ can impact occupant health, comfort, productivity, experience

Per the Harvard's T.H. Chan School of Public Health's COGfx study1, buildings can play a significant role in improving cognitive function, health and productivity, while delivering bottom line benefits to businesses and health benefits to society.

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Abound Healthy Air Features
Live Indoor Air Quality Summary

View a real-time summary of your building’s indoor air quality and how it compares to the International WELL Building Standard™

Air Quality Monitoring

View real-time and historical indoor air quality information, including temperature, humidity, CO2, VOCs, PM2.5 and radon

A Single Pane View

Real-time data for the management of healthier air is viewable in a single pane of glass

IAQ Insights

Assess and analyze the health of indoor spaces from across your entire portfolio of buildings

Actionable Alerts

Receive, assess and notify stakeholders with alerts when spaces are out of normal ranges; drill down to understand more about each issue and email specific people to resolve the problem


Carrier’s Center for Intelligent Buildings Offers Occupants a Real-Time Look at Indoor Air Quality with Abound

Built in 2017, Carrier’s world headquarters, the Center for Intelligent Buildings (CIB), was developed as a world-class facility to achieve the highest standards in health, safety, and comfort for its occupants. Upon completion, it was certified LEED® and WELL™ platinum. But how do you continue to keep up such lofty standards?

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Benefits to You and Your Building
Gain Real-Time Insights

See the health of your spaces in real-time, enabling you to address and resolve issues faster and more proactively

Optimize Performance & Cost

New insights from building systems data help you reduce energy and operational costs and create healthier environments

View IAQ Score

Enables an easy-to-understand IAQ score based upon internationally recognized standard

See Data Clearly

Get a clear view of your building systems and sensor performance data in one easy interface

Break Data Silos

Easily connects agnostically to various building systems, equipment and sensors by using BACnet, MQTT as well as other protocols

Easy Installation

Our professional service team makes installation easy for you, requiring very little time and effort

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