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The Future Of Buildings Starts With Abound™.

A suite of connected solutions and a
digital platform.

Abound uses advanced technologies to aggregate, analyze, and visualize data enabling real-time, intelligent outcome-based results, making buildings more efficient and responsive, while providing occupants with confidence in the health and safety of their indoor environments.

Abound solutions include: Health & Well-Being, Sustainability, Asset Management, Safety & Security

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Are you looking to track your energy usage and meet your sustainability goals?

Check out Abound Net Zero Management today.

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Abound gathers performance data from disparate systems, sensors and sources, and presents it in a smart, simple interface — so you can make quick assessments and confident decisions.

Displaying your building’s health as a dynamic benchmark, Abound shows how you measure up to certification standards like the WELL Building Standard™.

See Data
Abound gives you a clear view of your building systems and sensor performance data, in one easy interface.
Resolve Issues
Abound scans building systems, identifies anomalies and recommends actions — so you can address issues faster.
Abound unites building system data to identify strategies that achieve a balance between building health and efficiency.
Building Owners

See and manage performance at the portfolio level.

  • white-checkmark-green-box Identify new cost-saving opportunities
  • white-checkmark-green-box Increase tenant retention and satisfaction
  • white-checkmark-green-box Track performance against sustainability goals
Building Operators

Devote time to resolving the most critical tasks in the building.

  • white-checkmark-green-box Prioritize building tasks based on urgency
  • white-checkmark-green-box See a real-time snapshot of building health
  • white-checkmark-green-box Proactively address and resolve issues
Building Occupants

Feel confident in the air quality of indoor environments.

  • white-checkmark-green-boxLearn how indoor air quality factors affect indoor environments
  • white-checkmark-green-boxEnjoy easy management-occupant communication
  • white-checkmark-green-boxRest assured indoor air quality is monitored in line with the WELL Building Standard™
Platform Features
Abound offers an array of features that help building owners and managers see all aspects of their indoor air quality and building system’s performance.
Air Quality Monitoring

View real-time and historical indoor air quality information, including temperature, humidity, CO2, VOCs, PM2.5 and radon — and receive alerts if levels move outside of an acceptable range

Equipment Monitoring

View real-time and historical data for critical building systems, including chillers, dedicated outdoor air systems (DOAS), air handler units (AHUs) and boilers

People Counting

View real-time and historical occupancy data for individual spaces or an entire building

Energy Usage Monitoring

View real-time and historical electric load for your entire building or individual sub-systems (e.g. HVAC, lighting, network)

Live Indoor Air Quality Summary

View a real-time summary that compares your building’s indoor air quality performance to certification standards such as the WELL Building Standard™

Constant Additions

We’re constantly innovating and adding new features to respond to customer needs


Abound integrates seamlessly with many buildings systems, from a variety of manufacturers


Semantic data tagging and data normalization makes Abound rapidly scalable across a portfolio


Abound monitors building performance in line with scientifically based standards


Abound was developed by Carrier, the leading global provider of healthy, safe and sustainable building and cold chain solutions