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Abound Net Zero Management

Are You on Track to Meet Your Energy and Sustainability Goals?

Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) disclosure requirements and corporate goals have made energy efficiency and reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions a priority, driving the need to take action and report on progress.

Abound Net Zero Management provides a way to view a building portfolios' performance and drill down into individual building metrics:

  • white-checkmark-green-boxTrack and analyze energy use and benchmark across other buildings
  • white-checkmark-green-boxMake energy and emissions data readily accessible to key stakeholders
  • white-checkmark-green-boxProactively identify conservation measures
  • white-checkmark-green-boxReduce the risk of noncompliance

1 Global Status Report for Buildings & Construction (2019)

Abound Net Zero Management is Rich with Features

  • Manually insert or automatically collect utility data for visualization
  • Easily integrate submeter data to get in-depth insights into usage and demand
  • Calculate GHG emissions based on regional emission factors
  • Accurate reporting of energy consumption, spend, and Scope 1 & 2 GHG emissions2
  • Identify underperforming equipment or buildings
  • Compare benchmarks across buildings in one central platform
Automatically compare building energy usage across your entire portfolio
Charts and data can be downloaded as PDF or CSV files
Take Action
  • Share energy and emissions data across roles and departments within your organization
  • Download data and graphs to ensure consistent and timely submissions of critical data to auditing authorities
  • Prioritize specific energy and carbon reduction measures
  • Fix operational issues such as inefficient scheduling
We can help you reach your energy and sustainability goals with Abound Net Zero Management.
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