A. Best Effort Availability

Carrier will make a best effort attempt to maximize software uptime. Carrier does not guarantee availability but will attempt to maintain 100% availability with the exception of “exclusions” and “scheduled maintenance”.

B. Exclusions

Exclusions to availability include (a) use of the Service in a manner not authorized in the Agreement; (b) general Internet problems, force majeure events or other factors outside of Carrier’s reasonable control; (c) Customer’s equipment, software, network connections or other infrastructure; (d) third party systems; or (e) Scheduled Maintenance or reasonable emergency maintenance.

C. Scheduled Maintenance

Carrier will notify the Customer at least forty eight (48) hours in advance of planned maintenance.

D. Definitions

“Agreement” - The contract between Carrier and the customer to provide the Abound software.

“Software” - The Abound platform.

“Customer” - Licensee in full compliance with terms of the Agreement.

E. Updates

As Abound evolves, the Service Level Agreement will evolve and change with it. Customers can review the most current version of the Service Level Agreement at any time by visiting this page.

Support Guidelines

A. Submitting a Support Case

Customer may report errors or abnormal behavior of the service by contacting the Abound Support team via the in application chat feature or via email at [email protected] this will trigger the creation of a support ticket. All response times are based on EST; Abound Support ‘business hours’ are defined as Monday through Friday, between the hours of 9 A.M. and 5 P.M. EST, except for observed holidays. Requests received outside business hours will be handled within the timelines outlined below starting on the following business day. Abound Support provides issue resolution with respect to the Software for which Customer is in full compliance with the terms of the Agreement. Abound Support may also engage 3rd party (e.g. sensor provider, software provider, etc.) support for issue resolution. Support requests must include (but are not limited to):

  • a. Customer Name
  • b. Contact Information
  • c. Reproducible Steps
  • d. Issue Description/# of Affected Users
  • e. Abound Version Number
  • f. Browser Used

B. Support Request Response

Customer will make a good faith effort to provide information and cooperate with Abound Support team. Abound Support may additionally request screen shots or relevant log files or data as part of issue inquiry and triage.

Once Abound Support has sufficient information a severity level will be assigned for each incident and seek to provide an initial response in accordance with the table below:

Prioritization Severity Level Description Initial Response Time
Critical Priority 1 (P1) System is unavailable. All users are affected. 6 hrs
High Priority Priority 2 (P2) A large portion of the software is unvavailable or malfunctioning. Ability to utilize the Abound software is extremely limited. 12 hrs
Normal Priority Priority 3 (P3) Common support requests including but not limited to; password reset, unexpected data in the software, missing information. Issue affecting single or few users. 24 hrs
Low Priority Priority 4 (P4) Non-technical requests such as additional user requests, feature requests, training requests, contract/payment inquiries, etc. Not critical impact on the Abound software use. 24 hrs

Abound Support may close support tickets if they are outside the scope of the support services or if multiple attempts to contact the Customer regarding a support issue have gone unanswered. If closed due to lack of response, Customer may request that ticket be reopened. During the support process, the issue’s severity level may be upgraded or downgraded according to the severity level that most appropriately reflects the issue’s current impact on the Software.

C. Definitions

“Abound Support” – Group within Carrier dedicated to the support of the Abound software and end users.

“Initial Response Time” - The elapsed hours between a customer support request and the first follow up from a member of the Abound Support team.

D. Updates

As Abound evolves, the Support Guidelines will evolve and change with it. Customers can review the most current version of the Service Level Agreement at any time by visiting this page.