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Introducing Abound™ Occupant Assistant

The Power of Intelligent Buildings to Enhance the Experience of Occupants and Operators.

Abound Occupant Assistant is a solution that integrates human experiences, resources and building systems. Through cloud-based, smart building IoT services and a SaaS offering, the app helps to simplify the management and development of modern buildings that meet the needs of your entire team.

The Abound Occupant Assistant app provides a unified solution for all building occupants and operators.
Experience and Convenience

Our solution emphasizes seamless experiences for occupants, leveraging integrated systems to optimize comfort, productivity, and energy efficiency. Users can reserve spaces and amenities, access parking garages and buildings, and allow guests access, too.

Healthy and Efficient Workspaces

Through real-time occupancy data and indoor air quality sensing, the app helps facilitate efficient use of spaces and maintenance of a healthy building environment.

Enhanced Security and Control

With features such as a digital control room, mobile access control, and centralized user management, the app provides cyber and physical security through control of building access and resources.

Scalability and Flexibility

Our solution is designed to scale across multiple buildings and adapt to new technologies and diverse user needs. This provides consistent and flexible management, without costly overhauls or the fear of obsolescence, regardless of your company's size or structure.

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Features are configurable by building and scalable across your real estate portfolio
  • Events & Reservations
  • Communications
  • Polling
  • Perks
  • Documents
  • Transporation
Security & Access
  • Cloud Access Portal
  • Mobile Keycard
  • Visitor Management
  • Digital Wallet
  • Elevator Call
  • Occupancy AI
Digital Operations
  • Work Orders
  • Inspections
  • Field Forms
  • Vendor Management
  • Air Quality
  • Temperature Controls
  • Engagement
  • Real Time Occupancy
  • Space Utilization
  • Submeter Analytics
  • Energy Insights
  • Asset Inventory
  • Operations Insights